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Code: BE37 View Details. Code: BE38 View Details. Code: BE39 View Details. Spy Invisible Bluetooth Earpiece Students have a great fear in their mind for the exams. Exams are just like a dangerous factor for many students. A number of students get depressed due to the expected results as the results can make their life or may spoil as well.

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Many students even try some cheating devices to get pass in the examination but they have always a risk of being caught while cheating and also may be restricted from giving the exams. Thus, Action India Home Products have been manufactured some of the best Spy Exam Cheating Devices which are undetectable leads to the good marks for you. It is a trustworthy company dealing in spy gadgets and one of its best cheating devices is the Spy Bluetooth Earpiece.

This is the best one cheating device available online or offline which can make the students being free from all kinds of fears related to the exams. The Bluetooth Pen Earpiece is the best one among all of them. The Spy Bluetooth Earpiece is the first and very unique approach to helping the students in getting high scores in the examination. This Spy device can help the students in reducing their pressure of performing well in the exams.

It is specially manufactured for the students to show them that they can do anything and everything at any time.

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Mostly the girls are being afraid so much of the exams as they are not so good in doing cheating and have a lesser idea about the cheating tricks, thus, this device has also been manufactured as the Spy Bluetooth Ladies Suits for the girls so that they can also score the higher marks.

This is a modernized era of performing better than the others in any field. The Built-in durable Rechargeable Battery gives you a long battery-life and can easily be charged anywhere through the standard USB port. The High-Quality Audio will make Communication or Playback of your personal pre-recorded material or Audio Books a pleasure to listen to, as it is especially optimized for quality Voice Communication using our specialized Earpieces. All of that is possible without giving yourself away as it is completely unnoticeable to others. Pair your SX PRO with your mobile phone through Bluetooth to unleash long-distance communication and give it access to your Pre-Recorded material on your mobile phone, or connect it with an external Audio Player using the built-in Audio Jack.

It will work seamlessly with any iOS, Android or any other smart-phone or tablet.

The Invisible Earpiece gives complete freedom of 2-way communication between your Helper or Assistant and you. Through the Earpiece you are able to hear Guidance and Advice, while on the other side communication is just as clear if you whisper, if someone is speaking to you or if quickly communicating by using the two distinct Signal-Beep-Tones. Using it is simple, just like any other Hands-Free or Bluetooth device. The Earpieces are completely invisible magnetic receivers and fit in your ear and are completely unnoticable.

Our Earpieces are very small, compact and descreet, while communicating they cannot be heard by anyone else but yourself even if they are right next to you. The SX PRO comes with a variety of the Earpieces already included that can be used for any particular situation you may encounter. The Earpieces are maintenance-free and can even be washed under water.

Spy Bluetooth Earpiece in Delhi

If you dont have Bluetooth available, connect your own MP3 player or any other audio device with this Stereo Connector and start listening to your Recorded Material through the Invisible Earpiece Set. Buil in high capacity Li-ion battery. Multiple functions and hidden operation available.

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  8. Includes one year warranty. High rang Directional Antenna for Wireless Profi Button video live Newest Smallest Wireless Nano Hidden wireless video live SHK hands-free covert Walkie-Talkie wireless micro earpiece Our Spy Shop offers a wide variety of different spy gadgets and technology for students and pupils in order to cheat at the tests or exams.

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    The spy gadgets out of your normal everyday life do not have to hide from those of the spy movies. Browse through our shop a little and you'll be amazed how inventive producers have become. Particularly in areas such as wireless audio transmission and invisible hidden wireless video transmission.

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    8. JavaScript is not activated in your browser. Please activate JavaScript to have access to all shop functions and all shop content. Best Hidden Camera. Main page. Shopping Cart no products. Covert comunication, cheat an exam, Spy equipment Orders within the European Union are not possible!

      Invisible Bluetooth Earpiece with signal button

      Easy exams with us! How to use wireless micro headphone. At our shop you will find numerous spy gadgets, wireless spy micro headphones, wireless hidden live camera systems, listening devices, GPS tracker and much more What is wireless spy ear for? Wireless Spy Ear is a part of the spy set which is produced for covert communication in business presentation, exams, test, or personal protection.

      The spy ear is a very small and wireless, they are invisible for other people. Working principle of covert micro earpiece. Covert micro earpiece is receiving device which is driven by electromagnetic induction.